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Kentucky Area Development Districts GIS Services

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Kentucky Division of Natural Resources


Centerline Mapping and Addressing Project

Centerline Mapping
and Addressing Project

KRADD is working with the other 14 ADDs and the KY Transportation Cabinet to create a complete and accurate map of all public roads within the Commonwealth. This information is extremely important to local emergency services providers and will help to ensure that local governments receive funding for road maintenance.
KRADD is also in the process of producing a statewide address database, keyed to the Transportation road centerlines for the Kentucky State Police for use in their Public Safety Mapping System. Other public safety organizations will share this valuable information.

"The Centerline Mapping and Addressing has greatly improved the Emergency Responders and Law Enforcement response to the location and render the appropriate needs and care to the residents of the County in a much more timely and sufficient manner." Carl Chaney, Lewis County Emergency Management

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority and Water Resource Information System Project

KRADD is currently working with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to update the Water Resources Information System to provide planners and funding agencies with information about KY’s existing public water and sewer service providers. Maps produced will help to identify areas that are unserved or underserved and to direct funding to the areas with the greatest needs.

"The information collected by the ADD's has contributed greatly to the ability of KIA to present information clearly to the Governor and the General Assembly. This has resulted in the efficient processing of many water and sewer line grant requests...." Jody Hughes, Executive Director KIA

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Pippa Passes


Kradd staff completed a project to map structures in the Kentucky River ADD area. The product eventually will be used with the E-911 system to bring them up to a more modern dispaching standard.

KRADD staff has also completed a fire hydrant mapping project for the City of Beattyville. The information was used to make both maps and databases to be used by the City Water Department as well as the Local Fire Departments.

Services Provided

KRADD GIS staff can produce maps of all the counties and cities in our district containing a wide assortment of information such as, road maps based on our work with the KY Transportation Cabinet; water and wastewater maps based on our work with KY Infrastructure authority; census and demographic maps for presentation and project planning.

We can also assist other government, commercial and private agencies with maps, data or presentations to assist them with their projects.

We have a video-conferencing and tele-conferencing facility for agencies to participate in meetings and to broadcast meetings as well. We also have the ability to record these meetings to DVD for future reference or archive purposes.

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